Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Better.TV: Online How-Tos

I'm surfing the how-to videos on the Scrapbooks, Etc. Better TV site today...

1 - To learn how to make these cool projects
2 - To learn how to make the videos themselves
3 - To see if most of what I'd put in the videos is already there.

Where do you go for online how-to's? Do you prefer them as photos/writing or as videos?

Monday, February 2, 2009

CHA products coming soon!

I am in the process of adding the new releases from BasicGrey and Pink Paislee to the website. I am still debating which other new releases to order, even though that means I've missed some specials. I'd rather under-order this time around and be alive for CHA Summer!

I don't think I'll be ordering the Making Memories release. Here's why... Though just about EVERYONE loves MM - it is EVERYWHERE. It's at my Target, at Michael's. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised to see it at the grocery store or CVS. Everywhere. And I just have a hard time selling products that are everywhere without selling at or below cost. And really... what's the point of doing that?

While I love giving you great deals - a little margin is needed to make this thing worthwhile (and, believe me, the margin is LITTLE). Thank God I have a day job, or there would be no

I really try to order product lines that are otherwise hard to find. It is very scary to have have a stock room full of product and find it driving a shopping cart down the scrapbooking aisle at Target!

Tell me why I'm wrong! Leave a comment below.

So, that's my whining for the month - mostly done for educational purposes, I swear. Next month's whine? The high cost of shipping - it really costs us at least as much as we charge. It is ridiculously expensive to ship paper (which is heavier than you might think!)