Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where I've Been

I've been taking a little break this month. I had bronchitis and figured I needed a slow-down. I am trying to focus on getting work done at work and spending time with family after work. And my new puppy has been a total distraction - but we are really enjoying her. Still working on the biting, though. :) I will be back in full swing soon, I promise.

I do need to catch up on 2008 accounting. Okay, catch up is putting it mildly, I haven't entered one invoice or sales order for last year. Heck, I still have product from 2008 in boxes and not online! Alright, I admit - I'm a tad overwhelmed and the thought of all I have pending that I need to get done. But I'll just tackle it little by little. I have some Pink Paislee new release items to add to the site. And I'll probably cancel the BG Wisteria collection - it's not really selling it in pre-order.

I really appreciate having such great, understanding customers. I look forward to many more years of providing you with the newest product and low prices.

I will need to clear out a lot of inventory by Summer CHA, though! So please tell your friends about our clearance sale and $7.50 flat rate shipping for $75 orders. I also have a bunch of Silhouettes and ultra-low prices - these are great tools... I couldn't craft without mine! I love all the shapes available from QK that are so easy to download. And I also like using Illustrator to cut from it - you can make really cool welded shapes and words...

Love you guys!!!