Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Annual Trick or Treat Sale

A trick or a treat? Click to see!

Happy Halloween! It is our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and I'm so excited to announce our First Annual Trick or Treat Sale. (We did an Easter Egg Hunt once, and it was a lot of fun!)

Here's how it works... Scattered around are icons like the one above. Just click it to see if it's a Trick or a Treat (Super Deal). Each Treat has a code (find the black circle). Collect all 13 codes and you will be able to make a phrase... the answer to "What is PaperCents all about?"

Send us your codes, the sale title (orange and black), and 13-letter phrase by midnight November 2nd, and you'll get a special surprise. It's easier that it sounds - nothing will be hidden too far into the main categories.

Don't worry if you can't play along, we will post all sales on the Sales and Specials tab on Nov 3rd. Please comment if you have any questions!

Did you click the link above? Congrats you got your first Treat! (Just 12 more to go.) Click here to complete the super short survey.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How DO you pronounce Jaen?

My married last name has been the source of many bad pronunciations. Not that I blame anyone. But after two weeks of hearing it butchered during jury duty, I was inspired to find an easy way to explain the pronunciation. So I Googled it. (How did we survive without Google?)

My first guess was HA-EN, and I was close. Variations I found: hä-ĕn', hä-ˈān, Jayyān‎ (I don't understand this one). I think mine is probably the easiest to interpret after all. But hä-ĕn' looks much cooler!

If you were wondering where the name comes from... My husband is from Panama (the country, not the city in Florida). Jaen is a province in Spain:

Click the play button on the - Jaen page to listen to my last name pronounced in Spanish.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a Quick Update on Me...

I'm on Day 6 of Jury Duty... We should be done by Friday, but it's going to be a tough one! I'll be back at work next week, with mixed feelings. It will be good to get back into a routine, but I have enjoyed jury duty and will go back to a LOT of work!

I got my taxes filed (yesterday), thank goodness! I felt a huge weight lifted off of me when I finished. (I was so anxious that I developed an eye twitch.) Now I can get back to the 20 other things I need to handle!! And I promised my husband AND myself that I'd start 2008 bookkeeping now and be done with Q1-3 by the end of the year. I don't want to be this stressed out and distracted again next year for sure. I need to add items online that are in boxes in my garage from the following brands: Making Memories (Paperie line), SEI (Oasis and Glitzmas lines), Scenic Route, and 3 Bugs in a Rug. I THINK that's it!

It is our Three-Year Anniversary at! I can't believe it either! I am looking forward to a nice sale to celebrate. I have a garage full of shipping boxes that need to be USED and quickly! Or we may never see the garage floor again.

Make sure you are signed up for our Newsletter, so you won't miss the sale! It should go out in the next week or two. (But I've said this before!)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Making Memories Slice - New Die Cut Tool

Making Memories will be releasing its Slice Die Cut Tool this month. I got to play with one at CHA and here's my take:
What I liked:
* It's the most portable electronic one I have seen. Won't hog your crop table or bag.
* Battery powered, so no fighting for electric outlets.
* Easy to use - can find shapes and resize easily

What I didn't like:
* Cut one shape at a time. Letter by letter, shape by shape. Takes longer than the Silhouette or Cricut.
* Cartridges. I am not a fan of these, as they can really drive up the price of a tool. (I love that the Wishblade and Silhouette do not require any additional font or design purchases.)

But I want to know what YOU think! Does the world need yet another die cut machine? Take the poll below, and leave a comment! I will send one free Making Memories Slice Apron to a random lucky comment writer.

I'm still undecided on carrying the tool at I fear it will be readily available at Michael's and other big retailers and carrying cartridges in stock scares me! But your feedback could change my mind!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Not that I Don't Love You, It's Just...I'm Seeing Someone Else

And her name is... QuickBooks. I have my appointment with my Tax Accountant Monday at 11:30 AM. By then, I need to have entered all vendor invoices, receipts, sales orders, mileage, and more. I'm 70% done. But I will finish by Monday. I will, I will, I will!

And after I do, expect a major sale, many new products that are sitting in our storage, but not online yet (hate that!). They include new releases from Scenic Route, SEI, Three Bugs In A Rug. Thickers, Bazzill 8.5x11 paper packs in Doodlebug colors. Doodlebug and Making Memories products are arriving any day now and are also not online yet - but they WILL be!

No stress. See why I haven't blogged in days? :)

Here's a sale for you while I enter panic mode: QuicKutz Silhouette for $275 and free shipping on your entire order! Ends October 12th. While supplies last.