Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CHA Summer New Releases - Pink Paislee

CHA is a much smaller event this year than in the past, with many manufacturers opting to stay home. I actually like this - it is less overwhelming and gives more time to build relationships with the companies and other attendees. And the products that are being shown are beautiful. My top pick so far is Pink Paislee. Why?

1 - The collections include the essentials, but don't go crazy with too many papers and embellishments. Having a few embellishments at reasonable prices makes selling the entire collection much easier, and I think it makes shopping them easier, too.

2 - The products are innovative and high quality. The glitter chipboard - not nearly as pretty online or in photos as they are in person - capture ones attention instantly with their sparkle and font (gorgeous and flexible). The Mistletoe collection has a classic style and color scheme that used for many other themed layouts.

3 - The people are great, and reflect the spirit of the company. Some staff at OTHER booths have been pushy, or even unfriendly. Or they didn't seem to want to be there. The people at Pink Paislee seem genuinely happy to help and grateful for their retailers. It's the same great service I get whenever I deal with them.

For these reasons and more, the Pink Paislee collections are the first we will be selling as pre-orders. They should be available online tomorrow! Get inspired today with their beautiful layouts and project ideas on our Flickr site.

View our Pink Paislee CHA Summer 2009 Photos.

Saturday, July 4, 2009