Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Introducing the BasicGrey Bittersweet Collection

Okay, what can I say? I'm in LOVE with this collection! Too cheesy? Too bad! It's totally true. See for yourself!

This collection is available for pre-order, so buy it now to get it FIRST! It should be in stock early to mid January. We'll keep you posted (for any item, check the pre-order link for the most current estimated arrival date).

From now until it arrives in stock, get the entire Bittersweet collection at an extra 10% off! {Shop Now}

And, because you TOLD us what you wanted - we are giving it to you! Check out the three gorgeous layout ideas we've included with the collection and how easy it is to add the products used to your cart!

Are you fame hungry? Do you have a layout you'd like us to feature? Just e-mail us an image of your layout (recommended file size 550x550 jpg) and a list of the products you used that we sell!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Photojojo & Akihiro Furuta

I fell in love with Akihiro Furuta's fun style for family portraits, and I can't wait to try some of these out! I think they capture the personality of the family way more than your standard "white shirt & blue jean" shots. What a treasure - to have pictures like this of yourself and your parents. More Akihiro Furuta photos.

Our source for this awesomeness is Photojojo, of course: Take Family Portraits That Break the Rules If you aren't already, you seriously need to sign up for the Photojojo newsletter - you'll get loads of great ideas that are easy to do. And most can be done with your regular point and shoot digital camera!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tim Holtz: 12 Tags of Christmas

If you haven't been following Tim Holtz's series, 12 Tags of Christmas, you've been missing out! Check it out here. Intermediate scrappers will love integrating his techniques into scrapbook layouts, cards, and other projects.

I personally have taken many trips to Michael's to try out these new tricks. I've been disappointed with what's available in stores and online - particularly with the selection and prices!

If you are interested in purchasing his products, please fill out the online poll and/or leave us comments about what you'd like to see us carry. Then, maybe I can justify ordering them (I hate paying full price for stuff so much that I'd rather buy the whole lot and sell it!).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congratulations and Special Offers

1 - Congrats to Sheila, winner of our Trick or Treat Survey Raffle. She won a $25 PaperCents.com Gift Certificate.

2 - Congrats to Magpie, winner of our Blog Link competition! She got a Cosmo Cricket Haunted product kit!

3 - Congrats to you! You are the potential winner of a $25 PaperCents.com Gift Certificate. Read more below...

QK Silhouette
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Special Offer 1 - $7.50 Flat Rate Shipping (US only) on Orders of $75 or more!

Special Offer 2 - Special Offer - Buy the QK Silhouette for $265.99 (over 25% Off)... Get a $25 Off Coupon for your next purchase!

If you already have a Silhouette, or if it's not in the budget this year, don't fret, we've got something for you too!

Special Offer 3 - Get a $25 Gift Certificate when someone you refer buys one (5 friends = $125 to spend)!

So, tell your friends about Special Offers 1 & 2! Post the offers in forums and on blogs. And be sure they include your e-mail or username in the Customer Notes field! I'll make it easy... copy & paste this:

One of my favorite online stores, PaperCents.com, is having a sale. You can get the QK Silhouette for just $265.99 (28% Off SRP)... AND you'll get a $25 gift certificate with your purchase. Plus, they have flat rate shipping (just $7.50). Please include my username (YOUR USERNAME), so they know I sent you! If you do, they will add a goodie to your order.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

It seems I have been a slacker. Was my last post really on November 17th?

Well, I'm working on a how-to for you that should be ready in a day or two. Today, I need to catch up on orders from Thanksgiving weekend. For Thanksgiving, we all went to Orlando with my parents. SeaWorld and Animal Kingdom.

Highlights: Our gross miscalculation of how ready our kids were for the 3-D Bug's Life movie... which is ALL about scaring small children, it seems. My six year old and three year old were both crying their eyeballs out and had an early exit.

And the bugs weren't done messing with my kids yet! Big drama involving my son REALLY needing to go. We pulled over to let him pee in the grass. Ended up standing in an ant hill and Ryan and I got attacked by red ants. Apparently, he's allergic. He got just three bites, but they swelled up big time. He had red dots all over - I was freaking out thinking they were MORE bites - nope, just hives. I was very thankful we were 6 miles from the rest stop and got him Benadryl before it was too bad.

He is fine and I stayed home with him today. But I'm seriously rethinking that strategy! I'm pretty sure he's ready to go back to school now!

I hope you had a safe holiday with your family! And now that it's shopping season - let me know if I can help you pick the perfect scrapbooking gift for someone. PaperCents.com e-mail gift certificates are great for last minute gifts or for picky scrappers! And make sure to sign up for the Special Offers newsletter for our holiday sale.