Monday, December 8, 2008

Tim Holtz: 12 Tags of Christmas

If you haven't been following Tim Holtz's series, 12 Tags of Christmas, you've been missing out! Check it out here. Intermediate scrappers will love integrating his techniques into scrapbook layouts, cards, and other projects.

I personally have taken many trips to Michael's to try out these new tricks. I've been disappointed with what's available in stores and online - particularly with the selection and prices!

If you are interested in purchasing his products, please fill out the online poll and/or leave us comments about what you'd like to see us carry. Then, maybe I can justify ordering them (I hate paying full price for stuff so much that I'd rather buy the whole lot and sell it!).


mine, by magpie said...

i love his stuff- i'm so addicted to the grungeboard. i have to walk eyes front whenever i see it! hahah! i'll def check out that tag blog stuff. i never think to go looking for designers blogs- you just opened up a whole new world!

Tracy said...

oooh i love tim holtz!! his inks are to die for! off to check out the tag blog!!

ps - i'm newly addicted to your blog! thanks to magpie!!! :)