Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congratulations and Special Offers

1 - Congrats to Sheila, winner of our Trick or Treat Survey Raffle. She won a $25 Gift Certificate.

2 - Congrats to Magpie, winner of our Blog Link competition! She got a Cosmo Cricket Haunted product kit!

3 - Congrats to you! You are the potential winner of a $25 Gift Certificate. Read more below...

QK Silhouette
Special Offers
Special Offer 1 - $7.50 Flat Rate Shipping (US only) on Orders of $75 or more!

Special Offer 2 - Special Offer - Buy the QK Silhouette for $265.99 (over 25% Off)... Get a $25 Off Coupon for your next purchase!

If you already have a Silhouette, or if it's not in the budget this year, don't fret, we've got something for you too!

Special Offer 3 - Get a $25 Gift Certificate when someone you refer buys one (5 friends = $125 to spend)!

So, tell your friends about Special Offers 1 & 2! Post the offers in forums and on blogs. And be sure they include your e-mail or username in the Customer Notes field! I'll make it easy... copy & paste this:

One of my favorite online stores,, is having a sale. You can get the QK Silhouette for just $265.99 (28% Off SRP)... AND you'll get a $25 gift certificate with your purchase. Plus, they have flat rate shipping (just $7.50). Please include my username (YOUR USERNAME), so they know I sent you! If you do, they will add a goodie to your order.

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1 comment:

mine, by magpie said...

woohoo!! woohoo!!! woohoo!!! i've been such a bad bloghopper lately, i'm just seeing this! thank you so much! do you need me to send you my address? thanks again! you just made my day! xoxo!