Thursday, January 22, 2009

CHA, Obama, and More

It's been a while! So, I thought I'd do a catchup post.

Inauguration - Wow! My 3 and 6 year old both got to watch it on TV during school. I was so glad they did! In the evening, I asked my little guy...

What is the new President's Name?
- Obaaama
Oh, Obama for your Mama?
- NOOOO. Baraaaack Obaaaama. (Think tone: You're a moron, mom.)

Puppy - You may have heard that our family got a puppy a few weeks ago. This is my first dog ever and it has been quite a transition, but she is melting our hearts and learning so much! She's a 9 week old black mix: golden retriever/black lab. I must post pictures.

CHA Winter 2009 starts Sunday! We are cutting back like you are, so we are staying home for this one (we'll definitely drive to Orlando for CHA Summer, though!). I figured I'd rather put the money to PRODUCT! But since we would like to spend wisely, I'd LOVE to hear what products/brands you most want us to get. I'll post a survey (tomorrow, I hope) for you, but until then - I'd love your comments!!! To those going - ENJOY!!! We'll catch you at the next one.

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mine, by magpie said...

awww- the puppy is getting better? it's tough at first, but i'cve had my dog for 15 years now, and she's the best!!!

i am dying to see the cha releases- i haven't been able to take some time to do the investigating. i got an email from fancy pants yesterday- there's some awesome new stuff! and i'm always watching for bg, cc, mme and crate!