Monday, November 8, 2010

Is it Minimalizing? or Minimizing?

Whatever it's called, I'm doing it. I've decided I need to get rid of anything in my house that does not add value. This is after spending time on some fantastic blogs, such as: Zen Habits, Far Beyond the Stars, and Becoming Minimalist (most geared to families). All this work getting stuff out is making me scared of the Holidays and all the stuff that's going to come back into my house. SO... I took this preemptive measure. Please feel free to copy and send it along to your friends & family.

Hi family,

I have spent the last couple of months trying to reduce the amount of "stuff" in the house. Fun, I know. Partly because I just can't deal with taking care of things that we don't need or love. But also partly to show the kids that less stuff doesn't mean less "happy." It means you can find and see the things you love and use more easily and time not spent tidying and cleaning is time that can be spent playing and relaxing. We'll, we took a van full of stuff to a Girl Scout garage sale, and another pile is going to Goodwill today.

In the spirit of minimalism, I thought I would provide alternative gift ideas - we are all about the "adventure" gifts this year - either with as an activity to do with you (or with us) or as a gift certificate (NOTHING FANCY).

Here are some ideas:
* AMC Movie Gift Certificate (you can get them discounted in bulk)
* Cold Stone Creamery $10 gift card
* Color Me Mine Gift Certificate
* Craft Activities (e.g., Some nice beads for Isabel (jewelry making) or a build-it kit for Ryan)
* Cooking Activities - (e.g., ingredients and showing them how to make something)
* Kindle books for kids

Of course, if you want to buy toys you are welcomed to do that. I have an Amazon wishlist with things I think the kids will like - or they have said they want.
Isabel's Wishlist: [Link to Amazon wishlist]
Ryan's Wishlist: [Link to Amazon wishlist]


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