Monday, July 23, 2007

Evil SPAM and the Quest to Communicate

I never realized quite how problematic SPAM can be until I started an online store. There is a constant concern that an e-mail might not have gotten to the recipient. SPAM filters are a great tool, but I'm as guilty as anyone of deleting all junk mail without checking for anything I might need or want in it.

Well, not knowing whether or not an e-mail reached it's intended recipient is a large part of why we are changing to a new Newsletter software.

We hope our customers will find it easier to manage their subscriptions and cancel them easily when desired. We hope to create increasingly professional and useful e-mails that our customers will look forward to receiving. We hope the software will help us stay better connected by making news easier to produce. But mostly, we expect the new software to allow us to see if our customers are actually receiving the news they requested.

I'd love to hear what you think of the newsletter! What would you like to see added/removed from our e-mails? What kind of scrapbooking information are you not getting elsewhere?

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