Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One more reason to love Twitter!

Okay, if it wasn't enough to just spy on random people all day... Twitter has another reason to be loved. That is: Twitter folk can be very informative. Take Ms. ArtistTaraReed. She posted about having gotten her misterretro filter working with PhotoShop CS3. I figure, she's an artist; if she has this filter, I want to know more! So I went to http://www.misterretro.com and MAN is it super cool.

They have amazing filter effects that I really, really want to play with now!! The image above was a three-color, standard font image... Nothing interesting. But when the distress filter is applied, it becomes so rich and full - I just love it! I can see myself using that to print titles or journaling for my scrapbook projects or cards. Even home decor. Of course for graphic design (if I ever get around to sending out a newsletter!)

My first purchase though will be the Snappy Hour Invitation Kit. I can use the fonts, the dingbats, and the vector images to cut on my Silhouette or Wishblade. Didn't I tell you it was cool. Not only for cutting of course, these would be GREAT for digital scrapbooking - something I have not yet ventured into, due to computer overload (when it's your job, your hobby should AVOID it). And you could also use it for... INVITATIONS, I guess. :) Like the sample invite shown here, perfect for your Halloween parties!

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