Sunday, September 28, 2008

Okay, just because I keep getting asked. Twitter is

Twitter is to Blogging what IM is to E-mailing. Get it?

It is the Instant Messaging version of Blogging, but your IMs are broadcasted to all your followers. Tweets are 140 character maximum in length, meaning no pressure to come up with greatness. I have learned a ton in the month or so I've been "tweeting." I have also found that Google LOVES Twitter. I have had a few of my tweets be #1 on the page ranks. Why? Because Google LOVES frequently updated content.

What to do? Post once an hour to once a day letting people know what you're up to.

What not to do? Post only business sales pitches (The point is to build relationships. ) Post less than 7 times a week.

Hey, if Rick Sanchez can figure out Twitter... so can you!

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Lisa Acosta said...

Thanks for this great explanation Marilou! I'm not sure if I can handle anymore social networking at the moment, but it is on my radar.