Sunday, October 5, 2008

Making Memories Slice - New Die Cut Tool

Making Memories will be releasing its Slice Die Cut Tool this month. I got to play with one at CHA and here's my take:
What I liked:
* It's the most portable electronic one I have seen. Won't hog your crop table or bag.
* Battery powered, so no fighting for electric outlets.
* Easy to use - can find shapes and resize easily

What I didn't like:
* Cut one shape at a time. Letter by letter, shape by shape. Takes longer than the Silhouette or Cricut.
* Cartridges. I am not a fan of these, as they can really drive up the price of a tool. (I love that the Wishblade and Silhouette do not require any additional font or design purchases.)

But I want to know what YOU think! Does the world need yet another die cut machine? Take the poll below, and leave a comment! I will send one free Making Memories Slice Apron to a random lucky comment writer.

I'm still undecided on carrying the tool at I fear it will be readily available at Michael's and other big retailers and carrying cartridges in stock scares me! But your feedback could change my mind!


Vicky said...

I'll be getting one... my cricut is too unwieldy and won't open properly anymore.. provocraft customer service were useless quite frankly so I need a new machine! I agree that the cartridges are annoying but at least they're cheaper than cricut ones :)

Marilou said...

Just 10 days until I pick a lucky winner... Right now, my odds are on Vicky! :)

The Sutherland Family said...

So to answer your exact question, "Does the world need yet another die cut machine?", well, of course it does. I think most scrappers are hoarders by nature. Don't all our scrap rooms look like a store? That's what my friends tell me. Also, we are tool junkies. We love the latest, greatest gadget and if it makes my life easier, I am in! I like the price, the seemingly easy functionality, but I am bummed by the time constraint you mentioned. I have a Wishblade, which I love, but all my friends have the Cricut and love it as well. Maybe I'll get the Slice and we can all share at the next crop!

Thanks so much for the information-
looking forward to hearing more reports as more people get the machine.


annie said...

I am really excited about the Slice! I've always been a big fan of Making Memories and I think that the portability is a huge plus. I think the scrapbooking world benefits from the new addition! I had some friends over this weekend to scrapbook and it will be so nice not having anyone break their necks over the many power cords we have dangling about. I'm saving up to get one by Christmas! :)

Cathy said...

I'm looking forward to the Slice - the cartridges are more affordable than the Cricut and it's so small...I'm in purge mode right now so I'm trying to make more space to scrap. I'm trying hard NOT to be a hoarder :)

Kimberly said...

I've never had a die cut machine. I have always wanted to get a cricut. I have it on my wishlist. I have read a lot about the slice so I may just have to wait and see before purchasing the cricut. Thanks for a great site!!

Tineke said...

I think this machine is magic! It's great you can take the Slice with you anywhere. A great tool for all your paper art

Judy ( said...

Yes, it is on my list. I have a Wishblade and it is just too much to use to cut a few things. The Slice looks that it would fill that gap. The cartridges don't seem too bad. I'm more info fonts and this looks great.


Tish said...

I have a Big Shot and I love it. Uses all my big Sizzix dies (yes, I know ... old) and can use Cuttlebug embossing folders and more.

BUT, I really wanted something that was SMALL and portable. And I didn't need to bring a whole carload of dies.

I think the SLICE is on my Christmas wish list ... if Santa has any money ... :(

Darcy said...

I am a card maker and pretty small scale though I amp up at Christmas for that long mailing list. I have yet to purchase a die cut machine. Anytime I get close I get analysis paralysis and end up just getting by with stampers, hand cutting, etc. The Slice has me very tempted and since it's relatively new, not too much so hype to muddle through. The price point seems good and it seems like a good way to go as a first machine (I am amazed by how many folks have two, three or more of these machines). Thanks for your site.

Marilou said...

Sorry, I should have posted this as a comment here as well:
The winner is Commenter #8 - That's Tish! Please e-mail your full name and mailing address to