Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Introducing the BasicGrey Bittersweet Collection

Okay, what can I say? I'm in LOVE with this collection! Too cheesy? Too bad! It's totally true. See for yourself!

This collection is available for pre-order, so buy it now to get it FIRST! It should be in stock early to mid January. We'll keep you posted (for any item, check the pre-order link for the most current estimated arrival date).

From now until it arrives in stock, get the entire Bittersweet collection at an extra 10% off! {Shop Now}

And, because you TOLD us what you wanted - we are giving it to you! Check out the three gorgeous layout ideas we've included with the collection and how easy it is to add the products used to your cart!

Are you fame hungry? Do you have a layout you'd like us to feature? Just e-mail us an image of your layout (recommended file size 550x550 jpg) and a list of the products you used that we sell!


Tracy said...

omigosh!!! i'm OBSESSED with anything and everything that is basic grey!!! this collection is NO exception!!! you can bet your patootie i'll be ordering this as soon as i get through the holiday wallet squeeze!!

thanks so much for debuting!!!

Marilou said...

I know the feeling! You can always ask for PaperCents.com Gift Certificates! {wink, wink}

mine, by magpie said...

ooooh- i'm definitely going to be sending you some layouts- hahahha! for any products? i'm hoping i have some presents from papercents coming!

merry christmas, marilou!