Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My "Adorable" Little Thief

Doodlebug Jolly Holly Days Rub-ons
I realize that a six year old has a limited concept of what is okay for her to take from a closet and what isn't. She sees us take things and use them or move them. So when she took a pack of gum from the pantry and horded it in her bedroom - chewing gum as she saw fit, I didn't get too mad, but I had a word with her. I told her she can't just take things without asking. And she can't chew gum whenever she fancies. She seemed to acknowledge her mistake, especially after I banned her from any more gum.

Well, this weekend I had her help me pack an order. Help being relative to what a six year old can do... she counted bottles of Doodlebug Sugar Coating glitter for me. For her help, I treated her to one low-cost item in the stock closet (I have a stock room next to the garage and a closet in the dining room). She debated and debated between the "adorable" Doodlebug Halloween Sugar Coated Rub-ons ("they have faces.. they are so cute!"). But ultimate chose the other option, the Doodlebug Christmas Sugar Coated Rub-ons. That was Saturday.

Doodlebug Trick or Treat Rub-onsYesterday, she stayed home with my in-laws (in town from Panama, the country). When I got home, I saw the opened Christmas rub-ons on her dresser. And next to them, an opened sheet of the Halloween rub-ons - you know, the ones she DIDN'T pick.

Well, I was not too happy. And she lost both sets. I asked her why she took them. "Because I was really good yesterday." I explained to her that those things belonged to my store. That stealing from my store is not okay. She wouldn't steal from any other store, etc.

So, do I now lock up the closet door? Is it just too much temptation for a six-year old to have a closet full of sparklies that she sees me take and pack and send off to other people? How would you deal with a child that has decided to horde things in her room of random consequence?

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