Wednesday, July 30, 2008

QK Silhouette Certification - Some Tricks I Learned

QuicKutz is now offering a Silhouette Certification to its retailers. The store owner must complete a series of training sessions and quizzes to learn about how to use and sell the Silhouette. Once the program is completed, the store receives a demo unit - and demoing the Silhouette definitely sells it!

I think this Certification program is really ingenious. The tool is amazingly useful and there is just so much that can be done with it. I think a lot of retailers are likely intimidated with the technology and with showing/teaching it to customers. The retailer will have a demo tool to use to show off the capabilities of the machine and how easy it really is to use - once you get your feet wet!

Well, I have completed all my training sessions and hope to complete the big FINAL EXAM tonight! I think it will actually be really fun because it is interactive. I will need to cut samples, etc.

Here are two of the ideas I want to use from the training.

Hand-Drawn Images/Fonts
1. Use a pen tool instead of the blade
2. Select a handwriting font (remember, set it to outline) or an image that has the look of a hand-drawn image.
3. When you cut, the pen will actually draw your image, making it look like you did it by hand!

1. Click the line you'd like to "stitch"
2. Change the line format from solid to dashed (long dashes for heavy thread/yarn, short for thin thread)
3. Cut - This will give you a perforated outline of the image you will be stitching.
4. Thread through the perforated holes.
I want to try using the cut pattern to stitch an image onto fabric! I'll post a picture when I actually do so!

Do you have any cool tricks for the Silhouette or Wishblade?

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