Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sneak Peek - Our Stock Room & Shipping Center

Here are some pictures of our main stock room, with its shipping center. On the table is where we assemble orders, double-check the items, and pack them up. We use a filing system for the scrapbook paper because it
  • Keeps the paper from bending or getting creases
  • Keeps dust off of the paper
  • Keeps light off of the paper
  • is sorted by Collection and SKU which allows us to quickly find the exact paper we need quickly
  • Is very compact, letting us store many SKUs in a small footprint
We could never fit all our paper if we stuck with the wire racks, so we have about 15 racks to get rid of .

(If you want a wire rack, post a comment. I think it won't be worth shipping, so probably makes more sense for those of you in South Florida. They are 12 tier 12x12 racks, $10 each, or $8 each for 4+! They are great for sorting paper and cardstock in your scrap space.)

Two Random Kid Pictures: Ryan 3, Isabel, 6.

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laverneboese said...

Oh how yummy! Are those your little cutie-pies?? Too cute!!!